George  Scott
George  Scott
George  Scott

Obituary of George Elvin Scott

George Elvin Scott was born to George Wesley and Susie Myrtle Scott on July 28th 1928 in Emo Ontario, Canada. He was blessed to have 9 brothers and sisters predeceased: Leticia, Gordon, Dale and Walter. 

Carol and Karen the twins, Terry, Ella, and (Becky my dad always called her Bec). 

The family moved to the United States in 1948. 

In George's younger days he worked in the logging industry driving a team of horses that pulled the logs. He also worked in the hay fields.

As a young adult he operated a tractor for 9 years before joining the Army in 1950. 

While serving in Germany he worked in the medical field and was awarded a medal.

George had dual citizenship he was proud to have roots in Canada and be a Citizen of the United States. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles for 49 years and a member of the American Legion as well. 

His best and lifelong friend William Rivers (Bill) was married to Ruby who had a sister Crystal. George and Crystal fell in love and married in 1956. They had 2 children, Mike and Lori; in 1963 the marraige was dissolved. In 1965 George met his soul mate, Darlene, who passed in August of 2005. Darlene had 3 children (predeceased Randy, Ronnie) and Mary Jo. In 1966 Jeffrey their son was born and passed away in July of 2021. 

George was blessed with 15 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. 

After the Army, George went to work at West Tacoma News Print which became Boise Cascade. He was a paper maker the last few years before he retired and took a position as an Electrician. 

After he retired George and Darlene traveled in their motor home whenever possible and would video tape miles and miles of scenery.

Two brothers in Alaska had a fishing business and Mike, George's son, worked on the boat for one of them. 

When the other Boat needed a cook, Mike called his dad and asked him if he would like the job. The next thing you know, George is on a plane to Alaska; any time someone needed help they could always count on him. When he came home from Alaska he looked like Grizzly Adams. 

George loved staying at his Uncle Arnold and Aunt Bunny's in Canada (he called her honey bunny). Arnold and Bunny had 3 children Linda, Wayne and Barb, who is married to Robert. George spent many Thanksgivings and Christmas's with them even after his uncle & aunt passed; one could say he adores his cousin. 

George's sister Leticia was married to Bert and they had a farm in Saskatchwean, Canada. Their daughter Leslie called George "Unky George," Leslie was married to Kirk. 

George would go up most summers to spend time with his family there who he enjoyed very much. He would drive around on his gator doing verious chores and the cows would follow him around. 

George always looked forward to attending the Scott family reunions his sister Becky and her family would have. He loved spending time with the family and appreciated all the effort and time it took to bring Reed family members together to enjoy the company of one another. 

Reed and Robbie became part of George's family over the past few years; he loved and appreciated them very much.

George was deeply loved. 

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