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Obituary of Betty Marie Torrey

Today, we remember, honor, and give our respects to the beloved Betty Marie Torrey.

Born Betty Marie Hatch, she was delivered at home and welcomed into the arms of Alma Davis & Lloyd Hatch on September 10th, 1924 on Kelly Lake, known today as Bonney Lake, Washington. Betty was the second eldest of 12 children. Lloyd, Art, Helen, Lida, Raymond, Margaret, Jerry whom have since passed. Betty is survived by her brother, Kenneth and sisters, Norma, Dorene and Patricia. 

As the oldest girl in home of twelve children, Betty naturally took on a maternal role to help care for her siblings. She continued to do so until she met the man of her dreams. As they dated, the handsome and charming Neal Torrey would hitchhike from Sumner all the way to the Hatch residence on Hob Knob Hill (Bonney Lake, previously known as Kelly Lake) just to visit her. Their love was the kind your read about in story books. 

The two soon became engaged. 

Neal Conrad Torrey and Betty Marie Hatch wed in a beautiful garden setting on Sunday August 2nd, 1942, at 2:30 in the afternoon, in Pierce County, Washington. She was given away by her father in the Torrey's family home wearing a baby blue Chiffon dress adorn with venetian lace. In attendance were fifty of their closest family and friends. At twenty and seventeen years old, they vowed to love each other forever. The commitment they made that day to each other has been something to be admired. For every anniversary, Neal would have flowers delivered at 2:30 to signify the love for his wife. Their love stood the true test of time and undoubtedly grew stronger as the years passed by. 

They started their family in 1943, when they gave birth to their eldest daughter, Leta Sharon, followed by William Lloyd, in 1947. They soon bought their first house in Sumner, Washington In July of 1950 (425 Sumner Ave). Three more daughters followed: Adele Marie, in 1955, Tami Ra, in 1960 and Tina Lynn, in 1962. Altogether, it gave them a total of five children that would make their house a home. 

Betty was a proud homemaker as well as a devoted mother. She took pride in being a wife and relished in the fact that she instilled morals, values and standards in the upbringing of her children. 

There were family summer trips to the ocean, she loved sitting by the camp fire, huckleberry picking, elk hunting and riding on the back of the Harley with her husband, canning fruit with her mother in law, gardening, baking and a whole lot gambling with her sisters. There were a lot of years of enjoyment for the simple things and intimate connection with the ones she loved. 

After her husband’s passing and 40 years of marriage, in 1982, Betty would begin a life that she never thought she would have to endure alone. Heartbroken, she had no idea how strong she was or was going to have to be. She unconditionally has given everything in her to her family. As we look back today, we deeply appreciate her perseverance and persistence she showed. She worked hard and loved even harder. We know she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 

With 15 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren, Betty was never without a hug, a smile, a good laugh or a helping hand. She was a tender-hearted Grandmother and Great-Grandmother who always enjoyed spending time and admiring all her beautiful grandbabies. She would reminisce and share stories of her favorite parts of being a mother and how important it was to love them individually. She had a special place for everyone and never made anyone feel less important than the other. She was giving, caring, accepting and always candid in her advice. She was sincere with her well wishes and her undeniable self-willed approach had a certain way of getting her point across without question. You never had to guess with Betty. She was tenacious, she was stubborn, and she could sometimes be a little feisty, but without a doubt, she was always herself.

In the last few years, there were states of confusion in her day to day life. Even so, Betty still adoringly, unapologetically and frequently doted about the love of her life, her partner and best friend, Neal Torrey. 36 years of time separated them physically since his passing but nevertheless, their devotion has been everlasting. 

If we take just one thing from the tremendous loss of this wonderful woman’s life; it should be that in the end, Love is what is most important. 
Love is what binds us together. 
In this life and the next. 
Love is pure, 
Love is honest, 
Love is unconditional,
Love is beautiful, 
And most importantly, love is eternal.  

Know that today, even though Betty Marie Torrey is no longer with us on this earth, she is smiling down on every single one of us with a song in her heart and a soul full of infinite love. 

Know that now when it feels like the sunshine in our lives has been taken away and with this loss it makes us feel grey inside, but if we can appreciate all the happy and irreplaceable moments we shared with our dear Betty, love has and will prevail. We can battle through darker days knowing the sun will warm our faces once again. Brighter days are ahead and we will look forward to those days knowing Betty is that sunshine. 
Our only sunshine. 

While we will grieve the loss of one the strongest pillars in our family, we are also so thankful for the chance to have had her be apart of our lives. It has been a privilege to have known her, learn from her and love her. 

Remember all those little things about her; like how she loved salads and sweets. How she would sit and finish every last bite on her plate even when she said she wasn't hungry. How some of it would inevitably end up on her shirt. How she would glare and shake her head at you if you did something she didn't like. How she would laugh with her tongue out. It's In this moment, that what we remember most about someone is not all the grand things that they do, but all the tiny, yet necessary bits that make a person whole.

She was a woman of principle and courage. She was a strong being because she had to be and she was a gentle soul because she wanted to be. I believe it would suffice to say that the one thing we all have in common is that we knew we were loved and will greatly miss Betty Marie Torrey now and forever.

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Memorial Service

3:00 pm
Sunday, December 1, 2019
Sumner United Methodist Church
901 Wood Ave
Sumner , Washington, United States
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