Roy Jansson

Obituary of Roy Edward Jansson

Let me tell you about my Dad.

His life story is quite sad.

Life was hard, back in the day.

Six siblings, always in the way.

He learned to work, when he was small.

And never stopped, as he grew tall.

Strict, she was, his English Mum.

Marching next, to the Army drum.

Sent to Hawaii, he was to protect,

His spirit, at once, did forever connect.

Love for the islands he held in his heart.

Long were the decades that they were apart.

In the meantime, he and Mom did marry.

Having five children, they did not tarry.

Longing for his Hawaiian isle,

My Father found it hard to smile.

Affection and attention, were not his strong suits.

His work ethic, however, lived deep in his roots.

He tried his best and did provide,

But could not stop the great divide.

A second marriage came and went.

What a waste, that time was spent.

My sisters took him one last time, to see his happy place. 

The longing held within his heart, was now smiling on his face!

Lonley in the soldiers home, he slowly lost his mind. 

Life can be so cruel, as memories you cannot find.

At least, his birthday, the last few years

Brought him joy and even tears.

Hula girls dancing to a ukelele song.

Reliving a favorite memory--how can you go wrong?

I do remember happy times, there were not only bad.

I hope you feel the same way, too...I do love you, Dad!


Rest in Peace Dad, in the warm sand and sunsets...Love and miss you.

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